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Sun Valley Caregivers is compassionately priced and dedicated to providing easy access to high-quality cannabis products, outstanding service, and a fantastic experience. The newest products from top brands are always in stock, and our friendly staff at the Los Angeles dispensary will do anything we can to make you feel at home. The excise tax is already included in the product's price (15%), with the medicinal client paying 14.55% and the recreational consumer paying 19.55%. The National Institutes of Health have documented a minimum of three thousand years of medical cannabis usage. But the FDA has not approved cannabis for any medical disease, although a component of cannabis, cannabidiol, was approved in June 2018 for treating some forms of epilepsy. After decades of stigmatization, marijuana is being reevaluated on a cultural and legal basis. Most Americans, according to recent polls, are in favor of making marijuana legal for either medicinal or recreational use. This has led to the legalization of a marijuana dispensary in many states, either for medicinal or recreational use.
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