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We've seen that the best security guard services in Lancaster is around midnight, the control room called the officer to tell him that the alarm had gone off again at the last client's site and that he should go check it out. He turned around and went back to the client's site, wondering how long this night would be. When he got there, he found the same thing, and the structure seemed safe. He quickly got out of his car and walked up to the door for a physical examination. When he pushed on the door, he saw that it was still locked, and his flashlight showed that there was no sign of intruders. As he got back into his car, he radioed that it seemed like a false alarm because nothing had changed. Control noticed his presence and led him away from the site. At about 02:00, the mobile guard got another radio call from control telling him that the same alarm had gone off again, and they asked him to go investigate. He told them that the alarm was a false one and that they should ignore it. He went back to the scene when he heard the alarm. Nothing had changed, and he wanted to get out of the way so he wouldn't get run over. As he ran to the front door, he reached out with his arm to open the door.Hire Professional security guards lancasters High Quality Guard Services
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