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If you need window repair in Kansas City, Bill Can, the handyman, is available to help. With their knowledge and abilities, they can address a variety of window-related issues and ensure that your windows are functioning properly. Here are a few of the window repair services that Handyman Bill Can offers: Window Glass Replacement and Repair: If you have broken or cracked window glass, Bill Can, the handyman, can provide prompt repair or replacement services. They can accurately assess the damage and replace the broken glass to restore the windows' functionality and appearance. Window Frame Repair: If your window frames are broken, rotted, or in need of repair, Bill Can, the handyman, can assist you. To ensure proper operation and energy efficiency, they can fix problems such as deteriorating wood, broken frames, and misaligned frames. Also Carpentry Services in Kansas City and Replacement: If your window hardware, such as locks, hinges, or handles, is broken or not functioning properly, Bill Can, the handyman, can repair or replace it. They can ensure that your windows open, close, and lock properly for increased convenience and security. Window Seal and Weather stripping Repair: Sealing and weather stripping are essential for energy efficiency and maintaining a comfortable interior environment. Handyman Bill Can can repair or replace worn-out window seals and weather stripping, preventing drafts and enhancing insulation. Window Screen Repair and Replacement: Handyman Bill Can can repair or replace window screens that are torn, broken, or missing. They can ensure that your windows are appropriately screened, preventing insects and debris from entering while allowing for the circulation of fresh air.


  • Address: 2216 S 43rd St, Kansas City, KS 66106
  • Email: bill@handybillcan.com
  • Phone: (913) 738-0022

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