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Rules for fire watch security guard services are important for contractors and people who own buildings. In some cases, companies leave the fire going too long because they think the standard is 24 hours a day, but the standards aren't met. In the first case, the client pays too much for a security guard, and in the second, he risks a big fine for not following the fire marshal's rules. If there is a fire, he could go to jail. Many people who have to keep a fire have never dealt with a watch or don't understand the rules set by the city or fire marshal. In San Diego, CA, a good security company gives you a fire watch consultant for free. He will get more information from the fire marshal and make a plan. Details of a watch include where it takes place, how long it takes, how evidence papers are handled, how many security guards are there, and what the criteria for supervision are. A security expert will get all the information and make a plan that will be watched. A reputable security company takes care of everything about fire watches, so the contractor can focus on his job. A security consultant will talk directly with the fire marshal about how to change the watch strategy based on what needs to be done. Security guards, field supervisors, and consultants help the process go more smoothly and keep clients from being held responsible or paying fines.
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