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AGS fire watch security guard services sacramento, CA is a company that hires security guards to keep an industrial facility or commercial building safe when no one is there. You might need a fire watch security guard service for a number of reasons. For example, when a company has an emergency shutdown and needs to close the facility for repairs, they may need other companies to provide security presence on site 24 hours a day to prevent theft or vandalism. In Sacramento, California, there has never been a greater need for fire watch security guard service. Fire protection is more important than ever because there are more people and more fires. In Sacramento, CA, there are many different types of businesses that need fire watch security guard service. Some examples are large warehouses and factories that store flammable materials like paints and chemicals. Companies that run these kinds of buildings must always have a fire watch security guard on site to keep people safe.
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  • Address: 3400 Watt Ave, Suit 200 C, Sacramento, CA 95821, United States
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