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Never ignore security guard services when living in an apartment or condo in sacramento, CA. An entrance guard doesn't guarantee security. Here are some apartment security tips. When renting an apartment or condo, ask if the neighbourhood is safe. Are these apartments safe? If you have doubts, ask the owner to fix the lighting and gate locks. If you're worried about security, don't rent an apartment or condo. When you're not home, secure your apartment or condo's doors and windows. When you move into an apartment or condo, change the original locks since unknown persons may have a key. If allowed, a deadbolt lock can increase security. If you're home, lock the door. Even if they mention your neighbours, don't let strangers in. Check the visitor's ID through the peephole before opening the door. Please don't let strangers in. Know your neighbourhood and check for questionable persons. Install house alarms if possible. If you plan to move soon, consider portable door or window alarms or a wireless home security system. Renter's insurance might help protect your belongings.
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